5 Tips For Parents To Help Reduce Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is an ever-increasing threat.  If not treated on appropriate time it can produce grievous complications. Obesity makes children victim of depression, anxiety and low self-estem issues.

Kids of today’s generation are surrounded by everything that you need to put on weight. Alluring junk foods,  chips and wafers, chocolates, cookies and biscuits, ice creams, sugar loaded foods and to top it all long school hours, endless studies and classes, video games and smart phones which leave them living a sedentary life with no time to play or for any kind of physical activity.  You cannot expect your kid to stay away from all this unless you know how to tactfully reduce these foods and to encourage your child to go out and play.

Obesity can be caused either due to an underlying health condition like hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorders, certain genetic conditions or it can be something known as constitutional obesity. Almost 90% obese children have constitutional obesity i.e. obesity resulting due to improper or faulty lifestyle. Rest 10% of the kids may have an underlying pathology, which leads to obesity.

Pre-pubertal kids do not require to follow a diet or to hit the gym. They will lose weight easily if made to have healthy foods, which includes proper meals preferably of home cooked foods.

Following are 5 helpful tips to reduce obesity in your child:

  1. It is not as easy as it sounds, as your children are only a reflection of who you are. Therefore, for your child’s eating habits to change, you also need to change yours and your family’s eating pattern. Your child is not going to be very happy if you do not give him his favorite burger or pizza, thus in this case you need to sit down with your child and explain it to him that these foods are not good for health. They can have them occasionally (may be as a reward of eating home cooked meal for a week) but not every day.
  2. Encourage your children to go out and play for some time in the day. Make them a timetable, which they can follow and distribute, time for work and play so that they do not miss studies as well. Make it a point to take your kids out once during the weekend to the park and play with them.
  3. Forcing an obese child to take part in activities, which involve a lot of exertion like running, cycling may be tiring and embarrassing too. You need to gradually build up your child’s stamina and then make him be a part of games or physical activities that other kids do. Cycling, swimming, and running are things that kids often enjoy.
  4. Reduce the time that your kid spends on watching TV or with smartphones. When we say this, it also means that you should be doing it too or else there will be no use of telling your kids to do so. They will only follow what they see.
  5. Homeopathy effectively treats childhood obesity as the medicines are safe, and has no side-effects. Homeopathic medicines increase the child’s metabolism which helps reducing the fat. The medicines are selected based after assessing the child’s personality, behaviour and lifestyle. Homeopathic doctors for obesity at Welcome Cure prescribe medicines which are effective, prevent complications and also counsel the patient regarding the diet and physical activity.

Homeopathic treatment for Obesity works on balancing the hormones responsible for causing the condition, normalizes the metabolic processes of the body and aids in proper conversion of food into energy.

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