All You Need to Know About Vital Stem 

All You Need to Know About Vital Stem

As we age our health degrades in so many ways such as poor cognitive power, aging skin, and various diseases. It becomes important to work on the cellular level to rejuvenate and repair your system and stay healthy as well as increase your life. Fortunately, Live Cell Research came up with a nutritional supplement that has proven results to provide a better health and improving the quality of your life, especially at an older age. So, if you find yourself too tired, or have aching joints or have cognitive problems, it’s time to revive your body with a supplement that is natural and effective. Here is all you need to know about Vital Stem.

What is Vital Stem?  

Vital Stem is a daily nutritional supplement with the goodness of unique ingredients that work naturally at a cellular level to boost the stem cells in your body. Live Cell Research recommends mixing one full scoop of the product in 12-16oz of water and consume it once daily empty stomach in the morning. The company claims about the safety and efficacy of the product making it suitable for everyday consumption. 

As narrated by Dr. Rand McClain in the products promotional video, it can replace old cells with new ones improving your health in a unique way. Dr. McClain is medical professional having a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupressure and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. Besides, he specializes in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hormone replacement therapy, dermal fillers and more.

How does Vital Stem work? 

Before we know how Vital Stem help in healing your body, let’s understand what is involved in the healing process. Stem cells are known to maintain an optimal health of the body and is vital for heart, bone, muscle and brain health. These cells have the capability to develop into various types of cells as well as also helps in repairing cell damage throughout life. Thus, replenishing them in your body may have a positive impact on your overall health. 

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There are two types of stem cells, one that has the ability to become another type of cell is known as embryonic stem cells while the one that can only develop into their original cell type is known as Adult stem cells. Vital Stem has a unique blend of ingredients that are known to boost the adult stem cells.

Is it possible to boost the production of stem cells?  

The Live Cell Research claims that the ingredients present in the nutritional supplement help in boosting the proliferation of Human CD34+ and CD133+ cells that are vital for the cellular functioning of all the organs. It contains a blend of L-carnosine, Blueberry extract, Green Tea extract, Vitamin D3 and Leucine in the right amounts to revive and rejuvenate your body. These ingredients have properties that reduce aging and promotes cell repair to combat the cellular damage that occurs in our body on a regular body.  

According to a study published in PubMed, a blend of carnosine along with green tea, blueberry, catechin and vitamin D3 aids in promoting the proliferation of stem cells in the body. This research was done to find an alternative to transplantation of stem cells and these natural ingredients were found to stimulate the stem cells present in the body to promote healing.  

Vital Stem Side Effects  

The best part of the health-boosting nutritional supplement Vital Stem is it does not have any side effects, but mild digestive irritation is experienced by some individuals. It contains ingredients that are naturally occurring and can be taken with other supplements and medications. However, it is always recommended to take medical advice before starting any new supplement. In addition to the stem cell boosting ingredients, it also contains a high amount of vitamin D3. Intake of vitamin D in amounts higher than 4000IU per day for a long period may lead to high calcium levels in the blood. Since one serving of the supplements only contains 2000IU of vitamin D, it is safe when taken as recommended. Make sure you do not take additional vitamin D supplements.  

Vital Stem Cost  

You have a choice of buying the supplement in three different packages. One bottle of Vital Stem will cost you $46.99 and an additional $3.95 shipping and handling charges. You may buy a 3 bottle or 6 bottle package that costs $117 and $214.27 respectively with free shipping. You may request your order by calling the customer service at 844-650-5933. The supplement has a 90-day money back guarantee, which speaks of the efficacy of the product. With special discounted prices of the 3 or 6 bottle pack, it is a great value for money  


In view of the above facts and numerous positive feedback from Vital Stem users, it is clear that it is one of the best supplements for boosting stem cells in the body. With an affordable price and money back guarantee, it becomes must-try health supplement for anyone to improve their health and increase their life by many years. 

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