Behavioral Disorders in Children

Behavioral Disorders have off late become extremely common. Blame it on the changing lifestyles; increased stress levels; parental fights or the overexposure of social media.

‘Behavioral disorders’ refer to a group of disorders, where a person’s behavior becomes so negative and malicious that it is socially unacceptable and intolerant to others. Children suffering from Behavioral Disorders show unacceptable behavior when compared to other people of his or her age.  It may co-exist with other psychiatric complaints and can be present as a disorder by itself. Behavioral disorders are common in kids but can be seen in adults too.

There are various theories about factors that are responsible for causing these symptoms. However, there is no evidence that proves any particular causative factor behind it.  Some theories suggest a strong genetic influence behind the development of such symptoms. Theories also support an old episode of head injury or a long-standing illness to act as causation. Children who have had lack of parental supervision while growing up and either have witnessed parental separation or have been victims of child abuse are also vulnerable.

Symptoms of Behavioral Disorders in Children:

  • Excessive anger
  • inappropriate behavior like bullying, threatening, abusing and insulting others
  • poor work/academic performance
  • inability to concentrate
  • lack of sympathy
  • disobeying rules or commands
  • getting into fights with adults/ authoritative figures
  • lying, stealing
  • hurting others (even animals) without any reason
  • Bouts of anxiety and restlessness.

Each child goes through different phases in life, thus a child can develop any of the above-mentioned symptoms for a short span of time. However, the trouble begins when someone continuously shows this kind of behavioral pattern. Therefore, if you suspect that a child is showing such manifestations, you should talk to your health care professional about it and seek a proper diagnosis.

Counseling plays a very important role in the treatment. Medications may be required in cases with extreme symptoms or manifestations. Proper diagnosis, counseling and prompt treatment ensure long lasting and complete relief.

Behavioral Disorders and Homeopathic treatment:

Homoeopathic medications provide the best and the most effective relief from symptoms. The medications prescribed are in minute quantities and thus can be safely administered in children.. These medicines are non-habit forming and their dose does not increase with time. Each case of Behavioral Disorders has its own peculiar manifestations and factors that are known to trigger the complaints. On the other hand, each individual has certain peculiar traits with respect to his or her physical as well as psychological makeup. Your Homoeopath takes into consideration these peculiar symptoms before deciding your final prescription. These medications help in establishing positive behavior in an individual. This in turn strengthens a child’s interpersonal relationships, improves their school/work performance and improves their life in all spheres.


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