Blood Donation – Myths and facts

All the movie buffs out here know of at least one movie where the main lead meets with an accident or is suffering from some grave illness and requires a blood transfusion. To top it all, they are not able to find a suitable match! It is all fun and games to see this in a movie, but it is not a situation you would want yourself or your loved ones to be in – in real life! Because only those who have been in a situation like this or have witnessed this happening around them know how chaotic and intimidating the situation can be.

The World Health Organization celebrates World Blood Donor Day each year on 14 June. This is done in order to create awareness regarding the importance and benefits of blood donation. Blood is the most important resource of your body and can be required in cases of emergencies as well as a part of treatment of certain disease conditions.  There are blood banks worldwide, that store blood and blood components, which are then supplied when patients are in need.

The healthcare professionals take a number of factors in to consideration before declaring a person as fit to donate blood and you should contact a health professional for details on the same. However, in this article we will try to clear some myths that surround blood donation and give you an update on some of the important facts regarding blood donation. Read on:

Myths Facts
 It is a painful process


 All you experience is a needle prick; the pain does not last for more than a second
Obese people are high on blood volume and thus can donate more blood Yes, body weight does matter when you wish to donate blood, but the amount of blood connected in one go is as per a standard protocol

Anyone weighing more than 45 kgs, between the age group of 18-60 years of age can donate blood

We have limited blood volume It is true that human body has a limited blood volume, however only 350-400ml blood is collected in one go and your body replenishes that blood loss in no time!
People become weak after blood donation A healthy person fulfilling all the criteria of blood donation does not experience any weakness after donating up to 350-400ml of blood

Your Red Blood Cells are replaced within 2-4 days and White Blood Cells within 21 days

You can only donate blood to people of your race Blood donation has nothing to do with your caste, creed or race.
The process of blood donation takes a lot of time The entire procedure does not take more than 30 minutes

Blood donation is the easiest form of gift, assistance or donation you can give to humanity! You do not have to do this only if you have a loved one suffering and in need of blood, you can do it otherwise as well. We hope that we were able to burst all your myths regarding the process of blood donation. It is time that you leave all your inhibitions behind and donate blood every once a while. Don’t forget to consult your healthcare professional to find out if you are an eligible Blood Donor today!

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