Fathers – Our Unsung Heroes!

Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June – every year. While mothers nurture us when we are young and protect us from the world, our fathers teach us how to face the world! Let it be a pauper or a king, a Father is someone who we look up to. They are our ideals; they are without a doubt our heroes.

This year, on father’s day, let us take a moment to thank our fathers for all that they have taught us and helped us become what we are today! Did you know that during our growing years, the games we played, the stories we heard and the time that we spent with our fathers – all of it had a major role in shaping our personality?  All those times they pampered us by bringing home our favorite toys, to the times when they did not let us do what we badly wanted to, everything that our fathers did – played an important role in our upbringing.

Almost a decade ago, the world was busy giving mothers all the credit. People then believed that mothers are the only ones who play a role in parenting. However, quite a few research studies conducted in the field of psychology during the past few years have shown that fathers play a role that is as strong as a mother in parenting and in raising happy children.  Here are a few conclusions which have been extracted from those studies – which are sure to leave you amazed:

Children who had their father’s presence and active participation during their formative years, showed less incidence of alcohol addiction, drug abuse and even anti-social activities as adults.

Children whose fathers showed interest in helping them with their school activities showed better verbal skills, better intellectual functioning and improved academic performance.

Children who do not receive emotional warmth and support from their fathers are more prone towards anxiety and other behaviour disorders.

Children (both boys and girls) whose fathers were supportive not only to them but also to their mothers turn out to be good parents themselves.

Researchers have also concluded that children who were sure that their fathers believed in them and were supportive in the things that they do, show higher levels of education and stable financial states in future.

Poor mental health of the father has a profound impact over the child; toddlers whose fathers have had episodes of mental illnesses show disturbed social skills and lack of self-control.

Fathers, who spent more time with their toddlers and newborns, had better relationship with their children through all the ages including adolescence.

Interesting facts, isn’t it? And if all these conclusions drawn from research couldn’t convince you enough, observe any child’s face as soon as his or her father enters the room – if you are observant enough you will definitely see their face light up a little!

So here’s to all you FATHER’s out there – A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL THE DIFFERENCE YOU MAKE!


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