How PHGH Advanced Male Lifestyle Supplement Changed My Sexual Performance!

Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel like you cannot perform sexually. For me, it was something that happened as the result of a few health problems I was having. My doctor told me it was pretty common for a man my age (42) to start seeing cardiovascular issues like those I had – high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance, and overall lack of strength.1 I understood that the reality of the problems I was having in the bedroom were not all about my ability as a man to desire my wife. Because trust me, she is very attractive to me still after all of these years. Maybe even more now than when we had kids in the house. Anyway, I wanted to give her everything she desired in bed, but I was having trouble meeting her expectations. So, I started to lose my confidence.

I really wanted to please her, and myself by getting rock hard every time, and lasting as long as she wanted me to, but it just wasn’t happening. So, I called my doctor to talk about getting some type of erection pill prescription like I had heard my friends did with Viagra for ED (erectile dysfunction). As it turns out, what was happening to cause my own erection dysfunction wasn’t exactly a problem with my desire. It was more complex than that.

How I Found PHGH Advanced Vaso Capillary Expanding Male Lifestyle Supplement

When I went online to find a supplement that could target just what my doctor had told me was my specific health concern (cardiovascular problems plus loss of sexual function) I knew that PHGH was right for me. It included everything I needed to address the problem my penis was having with my heart – getting enough blood down there! You see, the ingredients inside the PHGH Vaso Capillary Men’s Formula include ancient herbs used for centuries to widen blood vessels, called vasodilators. These compounds are still used today to help with a variety of health problems, and they are also included in the PHGH formula to help get more blood flow where you need it (down there). And when you need it most!

What’s Inside PHGH Advanced Male Lifestyle Supplement?

PHGH Advanced Male Lifestyle Supplement is a safe, and natural 5-ingredient formula designed just for the needs of men. Here’s what’s inside:

1. Tribulus Terrestris. This is a plant that you can find in areas of Southern Europe, Southern Asia, Africa, and Australia used as natural aphrodisiacs. Today, clinical trials show that this flowering plant is able to protect heart cells. This may even work for those who have already suffered a cardiovascular event.2,3

2. L-arginine. As an essential amino acid, your body uses L-arginine, but it does not produce it. So, you see if you want to get more of this amino acid, you must take it in through your diet. Studies show this amino acid is able to offer vasodilating effects, widening blood vessels, and capillaries for more blood flow. Also able to boost Nitric Oxide (NO) production to ease erectile dysfunction.4

3. Tongkat Ali. Used for centuries as a traditional herb, Tongkat Ali is known to boost overall energy levels, as well as your sex drive! Today, you can find that it still has these libido-boosting effects inside every bottle of PHGH.5

4. Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed). Besides it’s ironic name, horny goat weed contains one powerful phyto-chemical known as icariin able to boost erections. Perhaps that’s why it was so popular in traditional Chinese medicine.6

5. Maca. This is a root herb, or ribosome used for thousands of years for its aphrodisiac capacity. Today, you too can use it for that ability as well as its effects of a more potent sex drive, strength, and erections. This root may boost your stamina in the bedroom unlike any other type of herb.7,8

The Star Power of PHGH for Performance

The unique PHGH formula was created after experienced pornstar John Lawrence was having trouble in the spotlight. You see, holding an erection for the length of time it takes to make an adult film is not an easy task, and John could NOT find a formula that would help him get through the long studio hours he was putting in on set. The Viagra wasn’t working! So, he developed this natural Viagra-like formula to achieve the type of strong, powerful erection that he needed.

Now you can get the same results from PHGH. So, stop craving the strength, and energy to go as long as you’ve been wanting to. Put the advanced formula of PHGH to work for you, for a hotter sex life!


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