The Copper and Zinc Paradox, and How TruVision Can Help

It’s important to note that the amount of a given mineral required in the body has no direct relation as to how important the mineral is. Surprisingly, we cannot get all the vital minerals from the food that we consume. Many scrumptious businessmen cut corners when growing food to cut on costs. Kids are the ones that are most affected. They need to get these vital nutrients when growing up. Nutritionists all over the world had recommended a fruit and vegetable to grains ratio of five, but now, they are saying that nine is barely enough. Not many people were following the recommended ratio anyway. Thankfully, TruVision stepped in and created a supplement that would aid in the ingestion of important, vital minerals. 

Importance of Copper and Zinc

Copper and zinc are perhaps the third most important minerals in the body – after calcium and magnesium. Each has an important role – sometimes they fight but that’s a lesson for another day. Two decades back, it was common to hear cases of both zinc and copper toxicity. But today, we are barely getting enough. We could blame taking supplementation without prescription but that won’t change a thing. You will be surprised people order supplements but they won’t religiously follow the dosage on the label. TruVision makes it easy to get everything you need in just two pills. 

But how is copper important to the body? I thought copper is the thing they use to make coins? Biology is interesting. Copper is the mineral responsible for forming a functional circulatory system. It is used in various biological processes from strengthening the heart to the formation of veins to making collagen. In elementary biology, this is the substance that “glues” our body parts together. Were it not for copper, the brain wouldn’t be able to pass messages to other organs – like telling your stomach that it needs to get ready to digest the food that you are eating. In addition to this, its used up in making enzymes that help the mitochondria in generating energy.  

How do we find them?

Luckily, copper is present in many foods. Therefore, its supplementation isn’t necessary in most of the cases. Some of the foods you’ve been eating without noticing that they have a high copper content may include mushrooms, chocolate, wheat, as well as lentils. The recommended daily dosage is 0.9grams. The average healthy adult exceeds this. Anywhere above 10mg per day isn’t acceptable. Most of the copper supplements currently circulating in the market have about 2 milligrams of it.

A cow’s milk has a lower copper content than human milk. Infants that eed on this milk are therefore more likely to develop a copper and zinc deficiency. These infants are closely followed by malnutritioned babies. Suffering from anemia or having a low blood cell count could also be a sign that you may be having a copper deficit.

Are you getting enough nutrients?

Maybe you could be having a copper deficit due to too much Vitamin C. This is according to a study conducted by Finke in the early 1980s. What we know today, is that, if you have too much zinc you are more likely to be deficient in copper. If you go past 40mg of zinc in a day, be ready to face adverse consequences. Common prostate formulas have about 15mg of zinc (Quick Biology crash course: Zinc is the mineral that makes up the male reproductive fluid) 

To be honest, zinc deficiency is more of a genetic disorder and less of a diet thing. It goes hand in hand with impaired hearing and other diminished senses such as smell for example. While you could be worried about taking too much zinc, the real issue is in taking several copper and zinc supplements at the same time. Of course, you know zinc plays a role in testosterone manufacture. But it does more than that. More than three-quarters of all enzymes in your body wouldn’t be functioning appropriately if zinc wasn’t regulating them. People suffering from night blindness and cornea obscurity have one thing in common – they are both deficient in zinc. If it is not supplemented at an early age in children, this could become a more common problem. 

Finding the Right Mix

What we need is a healthy balance between Zinc and Copper. These two mineral slats are vital to the normal functioning of the body yet they have adverse consequences when we have too little (or too much as you have learned). With all these numerous supplement companies looking to take your hard-earned cash, be careful about what you Ingest. Read the label carefully. 

The good news is that you don’t have to look any further to find the right levels of Copper, Magnesium, and Zinc to help your body avoid anemia. TruVision contains two different types of supplements. One contains Copper, Chlorogenic Acid, and Zinc just to name a few. It’s called TruFix, and it will truly help fix your blood sugar levels.

The other contains B6 and green tea extract, which is a great start to boosting metabolism, and is called TruControl. Both of these supplements will aid in the promoting calcium retention, boost metabolism, breaking down fat, and regulate or lower blood glucose levels. Take a moment to check out everything they have to offer! 

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