The Importance of Life Planner 

The Importance of Life Planner

Planning is one the most vital aspects of our lives. For instance, I have to do a lot of planning since I am a mother and businessperson. I have to make a life planner to create time for my business and my toddler. In this case, I carefully plan for all my days and weeks to find time for family, medical checkups, and business. Do you have a busy lifestyle that compromises the time for your family or business? In this article, I am going to shed some light on the importance of daily and weekly planning. Moreover, I will share you with you tips for achieving your planning goals. 

Why is planning important in your path to success? 

  • Planning can reduce the amount of stress. In this case, you have a peace of mind since you have created an action plan for your goals. Usually, the action plan is feasible and makes all your goals attainable.
  • A life planner, such as the Dreamcatcher life planner, prepares you for the future obstacles. It is important to note that there are obstacles in every endeavor. In this case, planning will help you create an emergency for unexpected problems. 
  • Planning helps you know the progress in your work. You should evaluate whether there is a progress in what you are doing. Therefore, daily and a weekly plan will show if you are within the accepted timelines.

Tips for implementing your daily and weekly planning 

You should have some strategies that will help you achieve your goals. Here are sure-fire tips for making successful plan:

  • Define your goals. This is the first step in planning that guides you in your endeavor. Take time, think of your goals and put them in writing. You will revisit these goals in future to see if you are going in the right direction.
  • After defining the goals, you should embark on listing the tasks that will help you implement the project. In this case, you are required to list all the tasks in a logical order. Each task should an estimated completion time. This will help you schedule the activities for the completion of the project.
  • The next step is to define the role you will play in achieving your goal. Also, you should define the roles of other people who will assist you. This is important because you will allocate the task to every member. This reduces the redundancy where many people perform specific tasks instead of one or few individuals.
  • After defining the goals, the tasks required and the players in the project, you will start scheduling. This is done by planning daily schedule as well as weekly schedule. In this case, the weekly schedule will determine the overall success of the project. On the other hand, the daily schedule helps you know the progress and know if you are on schedule. Use significant project milestones for the weekly planning. For daily planning, you should break the milestones into components. Then plan to complete each of the elements on a daily basis.
  • During the project progress, evaluate the performance to see if there is a need to adjust the schedule. At this point, daily planning becomes very crucial to the success of the whole project. Take some time in the middle and the end of the day and evaluate the progress. This will help you make adjustments where necessary.
  • Finally, you have completed the project. Now it is time to review the planning process to see if it was successful. In this case, you will evaluate whether or not you have attained your goals. If your planning is not optimal, then you should consider being careful in your subsequent projects. On the other hand, you should replicate the same methods if your project was successful. In most case, successful planning provides a standard of doing things.


It can be hard to manage your time especially if you have a busy schedule. Maybe, you have a business and still need some time for your family. That is why planners are critical to the success. If you want to achieve your goals, then you should prepare a daily and weekly schedule. You are assured of success if you follow the above steps of implementing daily and weekly planning. life planner helps you determine if you are on the right path to success. 


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