Top 10 Health Risks for Men

When we are younger we hardly ever worry or look after our health. Until he hit 40, my brother thought he was superman! He had no health worries and he hardly ever consulted a doctor for a cold, stomach ache or muscle pains. He would go to a doctor only if he was seriously ill or if 7 days of popping pills had made no difference to his physical complaints. But now that he is over 40, he has become extra cautious about his health and goes for routine health screenings every year.

Health risks or health concerns are top most on our minds, especially when we reach the fag-end of our 30’s.  A healthy lifestyle, routine doctor visits and preventive screenings are the best ways to protect your health. Finding a good way to relax and de-stress (like exercising or playing a game of tennis with your friends) can enhance your mental as well as physical health.

Along with this if you stay wise and keep yourself aware of certain health risks and act at the right time you can prevent serious complications of diseases.

Men’s leading causes of death during midlife and later are listed below. Awareness about these diseases and correct preventive measures will lessen your odds of dying from these health conditions. Read on:

Heart disease

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension has become a common ailment amongst men. This predisposes them to conditions like heart attacks and strokes. A routine health checkup by your health care professional is the key in preventing these conditions.  Your blood pressure levels, blood cholesterol levels and your lifestyle can determine your risk of developing heart disease.


Uncontrolled blood sugar levels or diabetes is another very common condition that leaves most men at risk. Diabetes not only predisposes a person towards developing kidney and heart related ailments, it also leaves the person with significantly low testosterone levels and sexual impotence.

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Lung Cancer

Lung cancers are the ones that often spread very quickly and often diagnosed at a later stage.  By the time lung cancer is discovered, it is usually difficult to cure. Men who are at risk of this type or Cancer are the men who indulge in smoking.  Quitting smoking irrespective of your age significantly reduces your risk of this particular disease.

Prostate Cancer

As opposed to Lung Cancers, these are slow-growing and less aggressive. Nevertheless, these become a serious issue as men often ignore the symptoms produced by a prostate tumor for a long time.  Regular screening and blood tests are the only way to catch it before it is too late.

 Liver Disease

Alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis of liver are the most common liver diseases seen in men and are usually precipitated by excessive alcohol intake. Alcohol is directly toxic to liver cells and can cause fat accumulation in the liver cells, affecting their ability to function. Over time, scarring of the liver and loss of functioning liver cells lead to liver failure. Alcohol should only be had on occasions and the number of drinks to be restricted.

Depression and Suicide

Depression is no longer limited to women alone. Work pressure, health issues or problems in their personal life have been the reason for depression in several men. Substance abuse and alcohol worsen or aggravate it further. Exercising regularly, reading or writing, communicating openly with friends or family are some effective ways of combating and preventing depression.

Influenza and Pneumonia

Influenza and pneumonia are the two leading causes of death amongst men. Men with weaker immune systems due to diabetes, heart disease, COPD, AIDS or cancer are more susceptible to these illnesses. Pneumonia vaccine can help prevent against pneumonia and influenza.

Accidents and Injuries

Road accidents, falls or fatal occupational injuries have been one of the leading causes of death. Whatever you do, please remember safety comes first.

 It’s never too late to take charge of your health. No matter your age. To read more about the signs and symptoms of the above disease condition log on to Welcome Cure Homeopathy.

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